International Food Day 2023 at Horkung Village

On International Food Day 2023, the Digital Idea for Tripura (DIFT) team headed to Horkung village, located in the Jampuijala, to distribute food to the less privileged. This event was organized by the DIFT team in collaboration with the local government and local NGOs to ensure that no one in the village was left without food.The team arrived in the morning and was welcomed by the village chief and other local representatives. After a brief introduction, the team started the distribution process.

The team distributed food items such as rice, lentils, vegetables, and other essential items to the villagers. The team also provided nutritional advice to the villagers to ensure that they were consuming healthy meals.The team was overwhelmed by the response from the villagers. They thanked the team for their generous gesture and expressed their gratitude for the food items. The team also interacted with the villagers and learned about their day-to-day struggles.The DIFT team was delighted to be part of this initiative and to make a difference in the lives of the people of Horkung village. This event was a great success and the team is looking forward to more such initiatives in the future.

Attendees are:-

  1. Simon Jamatia
  2. Shib Charan Jamatia
  3. Bhakta Sadhan Jamatia
  4. Jaher Jamatia
  5. Ananda Jamatia
  6. Ananda Kishore Jamatia
  7. Santana Jamatia
  8. Akash Jamatia
  9. Sal Kwchang Jamatia