The aims and objects to be pursued by the Organization are –

(i) To identify the needs of skill development in the Sector including taking steps toprepare catalogue of types of skills, range and depth of skills to facilitate choiceto individuals.

(ii) To develop a skill development plan for the Sector and maintain skill inventory.

(iii) To determine skills/competency standards and qualifications in consonance withthe Sector norms.

(iv) To plan and execute “Training of Trainers” for Sector skill development as pernorms of byelodge.

(v) To promote academies of excellence.

(vi) To facilitate in standardizing the affiliation and accreditation process for theSector of weaker section.

(vii) To facilitate setting up a robust and stringent certification and accreditationprocess for the Sector to ensure consistency and acceptability of standards.

(viii) To participate in the affiliation, accreditation, examination and certification.

(ix) To coordinate participation of social partners, employers in the private sector,training providers, professional societies and NGOs/civil society groups in theprocess of skill development of the Sector.

(x) To identify the skill development needs of the Sector, review international trendsin Sector skill development and identify Sector skill gaps and technology.

(xi) To do and undertake the task of educational and vocational upliftment of theSector.

(xii) To become a member of any association of any of the councils as may berequired for skill development in the Sector or any sector skill councils as andwhen formed by NSDC and adhere to the charter of such councils.

(xiii) To facilitate and assist the Appropriate Governmental Authority and NSDC instrengthening the existing vocational education system for skill development inthe Sector and to collaborate in upgrading vocational training system in theSector, in line with requirements to achieve global standards in manpowerproductivity.

(xiv) To enter into any arrangements with any Government(s) or authorities whetherCentral, State, municipal, local or any other person, that may seem conducive tothe objects of the Society.

(xv) To organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objectsof the Society and to compile, collate, edit and publish technical reports andpapers related to the objects of the Society.

(xvi) To construct, erect, develop, improve, or alter and keep in repair any buildingAcquired or used by or for the Society and to pull down or demolish or dispose offAny building not so required or for renovation and reconstruction and to maintain,Deal with, manage, control and administer the same.

(xvii) To pay all expenses, preliminary or incidental to the formation of the Society andIts registration.

(xviii) To run educational institutions, training institutions and publish books, reportsJournals, magazines, .newspapers, periodicals, thesis, researches, writings,Discoveries, documents, news and information.